We’re Kari-Lyn and Shawn Owen – aka Chipsy&Lulu – and for as long as we can remember, we were taught the “right” values of working hard, achieving in school and sports, in hopes of landing high-paying jobs with the so-called security of salary and a pension. We diligently paved our way to achievement, marriage, mortgage, and children. With more and more responsibility … came less and less of what we really desired in our life and with each other: better health, increased wealth, and legacy worth living for. We were chasing an illusion, and it was hurting every part of us. We woke up one day and made a decision to turn around our flagging health … then stumbled through a doorway to personal transformation, and a scalable business opportunity which we built in pockets of our time. We’ve now helped thousands do the same. Because we are all only one decision away from rewriting our future.


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